February Air


Happy Leap Day! Take every chance you can to say that because you only get to do it once every four years.

The start of February was unremarkable, uninteresting, and frankly, a nice breather after the whirlwind that was January. The spate of sudden and surprising celebrity deaths seems to have come to an end, the storms that have raged since Storm Abigail in November have quietened down, but not before we had Storm Henry and Storm Imogen- bloody windy, but not exactly storms to write home about.

I’ve sort of had my own little storm in February when it comes to uni. I’ve had feedback for modules I didn’t know I was being marked on, marks for subjects that I knew about but that don’t seem to fit into the course structure, and I’ve spent far too much time worrying about modules that count for precisely 4% of my overall mark, until eventually, I’d had enough. I spent an evening studying the course handbook, every module outline, and memorising the course structure and I worked out exactly how little work I needed to achieve a basic pass.

Surprisingly, it’s a minuscule amount (like, just turn up to the lesson and you’re halfway there), and I am beyond thrilled. I took a day off from uni as ‘study leave’ and felt much better in myself.

As a result of my uni breakdown, my blog has completely taken a back seat and I’m pretty gutted. Most of the recipes towards the latter half of the month were ones I had stored in my ‘backup’ and I haven’t really done anything I was particularly proud of, they all feel (to me, at least) a bit, meh.

We kicked off the month with a recipe for fortune cookies, which was a recipe from pre-breakdown and was actually rather successful. They tasted nice (both pre and post bake, always good) and they were the MOST FUN recipe to do ever. Cheers to my asbestos hands though because they were hot when you had to roll the cookie.

Next, I got sent my first PR sample from English Provender Co and let me tell you, I was feeling fancy that day. I made everyone who came to our house try it. Is talking about PR samples allowed? I feel like its taboo in the blog world, as if you can’t be happy about getting some freebies once in a while. Or you can’t explicitly state that it was a freebie and you need some cryptic star, special code to signify it’s a sample. This is blogging, not Bletchley Park. There’s no secret enigma code to break here. But whatever, I was made up, and even though I’d missed the contest deadline, I still produced a Cheese twist recipe featuring English Provender Co mustard.

About this point, it looked like I was going to fail at sticking to my blogging schedule due to ‘the breakdown’, but I quickly finished off a post I’d been working on for a few days and uploaded it a bit earlier than I had planned, therefore we had ‘Review Week’, an entirely made up thing that I was using as an excuse for posting two reviews in one week. I didn’t get the cereal for free but I’m always looking for an excuse to eat marshmallow cereal so I trialled both Marshmallow Mateys and Lucky Charms and made marshmallow cereal bars.

We then entered unchartered waters and I had ZERO idea what the next recipe would be and as I mentioned last month, I want to plan ahead so this was slightly terrifying. But an old faithful came to the rescue in the form of my popping candy fudge recipe.

The following post, The White Stuff, was all about milk and different milk substitutes. The next recipe was inspired this, and the Sweet Macaroni Pudding recipe used almond milk in place of cow’s milk.

And we reach the end of this month’s posts. In other blog-related news, I found out how to get a ‘subscribe by email’ option on my blog and I am feeling pretty professional but also lonely, so help cheer me up by signing up… (shameless promo). And my Google Analytics is broken so any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

I have got no idea what’s coming up for March, I’ll be honest. I’m winging it. March is officially known as ‘my birthday month’ so one thing I can definitely guarantee is that there will be plenty of birthday cake.

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