Crème Egg Fondant Pudding

Creme egg fondant pudding

As soon as crème eggs hit the shelves, I’m stocking up. They seem to get earlier and earlier every year, which in my opinion, is not a problem. Other than that, I’m not hugely into Easter and the Easter egg scene- that’s not to say I’d decline the offer if anyone bought me an Easter egg, but, meh, I’m not fussed.

So to get into the Easter spirit, I consume more crème eggs than should be humanly possible. I’ve been on Easter break from uni and I’ve managed to tear myself away from The X-Files on Netflix to create this fondant pudding recipe, and how much fun is it? It’s the chocolate pudding version of the crème egg- the chocolate of the crème egg is used to make the chocolate pudding, and the fondant filling is served like a sauce on the side. The warmth of the chocolate pudding melts the crème egg fondant, and it mixes with the runny chocolate middle of the fondant pudding, and is seriously special.

I don’t know quite how they make the fondant in the centre of crème eggs (I imagine it’s a closely guarded secret) but it tastes like nothing else. I have tried countless times to recreate it in some way but it has never worked- so why bother? Let’s just use the real thing!

Dismantling the crème eggs did feel like sacrilege- I am of the ‘scoff the whole thing in one bite’ camp, although the way you eat a crème egg says a lot about you, so there’s that new fact about me. Use it as you will.

The worst thing about Easter is that crème eggs disappear for another ten months. They do reappear in the ‘scream egg’ guise round about October and in time for Halloween, but somehow they just aren’t the same. If you’re lucky, you can find a stray crème egg in a box by a till in some strange discount store in July and it’s like a gift from the heavens. So my advice to you is to collect as many as you possibly can now and take advantage of all the crème eggs before they go again, and they get relegated to that beloved place in our memory once more.

* * *

MAKES 4 individual puddings

PREP 25 mins

COOK 15 mins

▪ Best eaten on day of preparation


4 crème eggs

100g butter

150g dark soft brown sugar

3 eggs

50g plain flour


1 Pre-heat the oven to 200°c/400°f/gas mark 6. Next, grease four ramekins or individual pudding basins. Lightly brush with butter, then dust with some flour.

2 Carefully separate the crème eggs by splitting in half using a knife to cut down the join. Use the thin side of a spoon to scrape the filling out into a bowl.

3 Put the chocolate shells into a bowl (it should be about 100g), along with the butter. Melt together by sitting the bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, then remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.

4 Use an electric hand whisk to mix together the sugar and eggs until frothy. Pour it into the chocolate and butter mixture, then use a large metal spoon to carefully fold in the flour.

5 Spoon the mix into the ramekins or pudding basins. Fill to about three-quarters full. (If you want to make this in advance, leave the chocolate pudding mix in the fridge, and pour into the ramekins and add the crème egg filling just before you want to cook them).

6 Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 13-15 minutes. Run a knife around the edge of the pudding, place a plate on the top, the flip the whole thing over to turn the cake out. Spoon some of the reserved crème egg fondant onto the chocolate pudding and allow it to melt. Serve immediately with cream or custard. ▪

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