Waters Of March


Well, wasn’t March fun? It’s passed quickly by in a haze of birthdays, Netflix, and procrastination, and was quite frankly, absolutely brilliant.

Probably some news happened (that’s how I usually like to start these things) but I wasn’t really paying attention, since March is officially my birthday month and I’m too busy having a birthday to pay attention to much else.

Following on from last month’s death we now have a birth in the family, to remind us that life is cyclical, blah blah, spiritual stuff. Its addition means yet another family birthday in March, as if we haven’t commandeered the month enough already. In my family, there’s a cluster of birthdays very close together so one rolls in to the next and into the next until no one’s quite sure where one birthday ends and another begins- which means one week long party. So welcome, newest family member, and prepare to celebrate the rest of your birthdays as part of the March collective (and thanks for being born the day before me, which means technically, neither of us have to share a birthday).

Elsewhere in life, I planted my first crop of potatoes then promptly forgot about them until I wrote about them just now (off to water them asap). I ate more Cadbury crème eggs than should be humanly possible. I accidently booked too many holidays off work so ended up just randomly having a day off, unpaid, as if I didn’t spend most of my week not at work anyway.

I’ve found The X-Files on Amazon Prime so you can imagine how little has been done this month. Perhaps my favourite thing about finding old programmes is the old fashion, the old cars, and the old technology in the early series, and ten series’ (series? seasons? America what’s with that) later, everyone’s got smartphones and uses Google and ‘social media’ (When does the fashion improve? do Mulder and Scully ever get iPhones? When do they finally get cool cars? These are the real questions I want answered).

Between X-Files watching, avoiding work, and celebrating birthdays, I did actually manage to get a bit of blogging done. Recipe-wise, it was a bit biscuit heavy at the start of the month, for which I won’t apologise. What can I say, I like biscuits. First we had custard creams (and finally putting my custard cream stamp to good use), and then after that we had a sugar-free maple and pecan cookie-cake hybrid, that wasn’t technically sugar-free, but we’ll just ignore that fact.

Next up was the epic 2,000 word essay on the different types of alcohol, which is something I’ve genuinely been interested in and finally decided to do some proper research into. Turns out there’s about a million different types of alcoholic beverages and I seemed to write a blog post as if I’d been commissioned to write my own War and Peace. So if you’ve got a spare afternoon, or if you’re having trouble falling asleep, check it out. Naturally, a recipe for apple brandy, inspired by my mum’s 86-year-old aunt, followed.

I finally succumbed and cooked up a couple of Easter recipes in the form of the crème egg chocolate puddings and the coconut and white chocolate mousse. Although, the mousse has zero to do with Easter apart from the fact it looks a bit like an egg, and we’ve been conditioned to think of eggs at Easter time (for what reason, I don’t know, but there we go). I was pretty reserved with Easter recipes, since there’s nothing I hate more than milking the holidays and quite frankly, I don’t want some variation of a crème egg baking recipe as soon as we hit March.

And then can you believe it, we’ve reached the end of the month again. Time flies when you’re busy with your internal monologue. If all goes to plan, this post should go up as I am sunning myself on holiday (although I don’t sun myself- eww sun- so perhaps more realistically, this post should go up as I browse the internet in a different country #twentyfirstcenturyproblems am I right?). Back tomorrow and back to having to deal with my real life problems. Great.

But one last piece of fun news- keep your eyes peeled on the blog tomorrow because there’s another post coming up introducing something I’ve had half-planned for a while, which could go either one of two ways.

(And I’m 100% convinced the only person who is going to be excited about this is me.)

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