July, July


You know how every month we think, ‘surely it can’t get any worse’? Well, we’re seven months into 2016 and I can confirm, every month keeps getting worse. On July 1st, we commemorated the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. At the Somme, there were 57,470 British casualties alone. Do remembrances of huge death tolls set the tone for the month ahead?

Every morning I feel like I’ve woken up to a BBC Breaking News tweet alert informing me of some new atrocity. Let’s summarise:

20 hostages and 6 militant gunmen are killed in a siege in a café in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 281 people are killed in a car bomb attack in Baghdad. 84 people are killed by a lorry in Nice, France, at Bastille Day celebrations, including 10 children. 9 people are shot and killed in a shopping centre in Munich, Germany. 80 people are killed in an explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan. An 84 year old priest is killed in Rouen, France, as two armed men storm his church and slit his throat. A man goes on an axe rampage on a train in Germany, injuring 4. 15 people are injured in a bomb attack near a festival in Ansbach, Germany.

12 people are killed in a train crash in Italy. 26 people die in Taiwan after a coach catches fire. 9 people are killed in a knife attack at a care home in Japan. 2 people are killed and 16 injured in a shooting in a Florida nightclub.

US police shoot and kill a black man in Louisana. US police shoot and kill a black man in Minnesota. A black man shoots and kills 5 US police officers at a protest in Dallas over the unlawful killings of the black men. 3 more US police officers are shot dead, and 3 are injured, in Baton Rouge.

The Turkish military declare a takeover of power in an attempted coup, but it fails. 265 people are killed in the attempt and 2,800 people are arrested.

(If you’re of the morbid persuasion, that’s 805 deaths.)

In other news, the UK has gained an entirely new conservative government, including a brand new Prime Minister in Theresa May. Over on the opposition, Angela Eagle stands for, and then stands down from, the Labour leadership contest. MP’s back the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons programme despite much controversy over the plans.

Donald Trump becomes the official republican presidential candidate and Hilary Clinton becomes democrat candidate.

The Royle Family’s Caroline Aherne dies, Chris Evans leaves Top Gear, and Len Goodman quits Strictly Come Dancing. Serena Williams wins Wimbledon, as does Andy Murray. Portugal wins Euro 2016. Chris Froome wins the Tour de France.

Oh, and we hit the highest UK temperatures of the year so far with a very generous 33°c (for one week only). Also, in other big news in my local town, the main A road is closed until MID AUGUST after a lorry ploughed into a house along the road. The house has to be taken down ‘brick by brick’. All the big wagons are now being diverted through our tiny market town. (Seriously, this is huge news around here.)

And that’s July done. I think I need a break.

Should I even list what I’ve blogged in July? It pales in comparison. Still, that’s the way these summary posts work so onwards we go. First up, it was a recipe for Lemon Bakewell Tart. I think lemon is my absolute favourite flavouring, so this recipe was just perfect and so, so delicious. A really simple, tasty twist on a classic. Then we kicked off the Cheesecake Tuesday series (still trying to get this going, folks) with mini Trifle cheesecakes, and my eyes were opened to the simplistic world of the cheesecake. Never realised how easy cheesecake was! Next up was a cheese and chive scone recipe, inspired by the herb garden I recently discovered in our garden. Then a recipe for the thing I’ve been having every day for lunch since I left uni- mozzarella and tomato toast. I honestly cannot stop eating it. If you’re wondering what to have for lunch- look no further. You need to try this. Seriously. Finally, a recipe for orange Viennese whirls, with a recipe from an oldschool Homepride Flour book.

(P.s. Winberry Crumble now has a fancy new archive page for a list of all recipes. Check it out here.)

That’s it. Bye, July and hello, August. Let’s see what’s in store. But to warn you- today is the last day of July and also Harry Potter and the Cursed Child playbook release date, so don’t expect anything in forms of communication from me for the next week or so. (So see you after that.)


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