The End of August


Where on earth did August go? It feels like I only just wrote up the summary post for July!

Here’s a post for what feels like the shortest month of the year so far. It was so short, I don’t think there was time for anything to happen. Remember July’s list of atrocities? This seems to be quite the opposite (or maybe I just didn’t take as much note this month.)

The main event of August was the Rio Olympics. Now, I’m not a sport person, but I’d planned to watch some since I’d really enjoyed the London Olympics. I missed the entire thing. I caught a bit of the BMX racing whilst I was doing some washing up, but that was honestly all I saw. (Rather pathetic attempt from me at trying to take notice of the Olympics. Oh well, there’s always the next one…)

One thing I did catch, however, was Stranger Things. How good was it?! Everyone was talking about it, and I’m never usually a fan of things that people go on about (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black…) but this was definitely worth the hype and I loved it. It was the TV event of the summer- if not the year. I cannot stop listening to Moby’s ‘When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die’ after the Stranger Things finale. My favourite songs are the ones that make you imagine you’re walking slow motion in the rain in a dramatic movie montage, and this one definitely ticks that box.

But perhaps the most exciting part of the end of August is certainly the return of The Great British Bake Off! I’m loving the Bake Along on Twitter (#GBBOTwitterBakeAlong, if you’re not part of it). I gave the mirror glaze cake a go (it’s on Instagram if you want to take a look) and it was the strangest thing I’ve ever tried to make. It was a bit rubbery and marshmallow-y, and super sticky!

On the blog this month, we’ve had a few recipes and I’ve tried to get into a routine of posting every Saturday. I’ve even put it in the tagline of my blog to give me an incentive to get a post up. I know some people don’t have schedules and think that you should be free to blog whenever you like, but I like the idea of deadlines and having a specific date to post on. I feel like it gives my blog more structure.

black forest cheesecake

The first recipe of August was a Black Forest cheesecake recipe, especially for Cheesecake Tuesday. This one was so fun to make, and I loved those piped trees! My sister said it was a bit Christmassy, so I guess this recipe will be coming back out for then!

lemon and almond scones

lemon crunch pie

Next up was a recipe for lemon and almond scones. These were so delicious and such an unusual twist on the classic scone. It was a bit lemon-heavy this month (I have a problem) as the next recipe was for a no-bake lemon crunch pie. This was creamy and tangy, and inspired by a recipe from the past! Take a look at the post to see what I’m talking about.

meringue roulade

I put the lemons aside after that and created a recipe for gin and tonic caramel roulade. It’s gin and tonic caramel! Amazing! You need to try that gin and tonic caramel sauce, it’s so delicious. I still have half a jar in my fridge so I am trying to come up with another recipe for it (otherwise I’ll just eat it straight out of the jar which can’t be healthy!).

blackberry and apple jam

Finally, I posted the recipe for my all-time favourite blackberry and apple jam. Jam is something everyone needs to try, it’s such a fun thing to make and it tastes so much better than shop-bought!

Don’t pack that jam too far into the cupboard, though. Next month kicks off with a super delicious recipe for using up some of that homemade jam, so keep an eye on Winberry Crumble for updates! (Why not subscribe to be notified of when it’s posted?)

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