When September Ends


At what point does September stop being the ‘back to school’ month and just become any other month? It’s the first time in- well, ever- that I’ve not had anything to go back to. There was no stationery buying, no bag packing, no early nights for first-day-backs. Entirely uneventful, and the beginning of the month began just like any other.

It began with news that was to be the final nail in the 2016 coffin: The Great British Bake Off has moved to Channel 4. Mel and Sue announce that they’ll be stepping down as presenters, and Mary follows, like a rat from a sinking ship. Only Paul remains. The dream team of Mary Berry, the archenemy of the Atkins diet, and her steely eyed sidekick Paul, is no more.

Westminster are trying to shake up the entire voting system of Britain by changing constituency boundaries and thereby altering the number of potential MPs. Perhaps they should broadcast PMQs on Channel 4- that seems to make people leave the show. Elsewhere in politics, ex-prime minister David Cameron steps down as an MP, after promising he would not step down as an MP.

Brangelina file for divorce. A deal brokered by the US and Russia for a ceasefire in Syria lasts a week. America remembers the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, there’s explosions in New York and New Jersey (luckily with no fatalities). The new iPhone 7 is released without a headphone socket, and a new indestructible £5 note is introduced in Britain.  At London Fashion Week, Crocs make a questionable appearance on the catwalks.  The Paralympics take place in Rio. Named as it runs parallel to the Olympics, Britain comes back with an impressive haul of 147 medals, of which 64 were gold.

Nasa announced they would update astrological signs for the first time in 2,000 years, creating the brand new Ophinuchus sign and changing a whole lot of people’s sign in the process. (Fun fact: I’m still a Pisces.)  However Nasa really focus on astronomy, not astrology- so what do they know about star signs?

blackberry cupcakes

On the blog, September has been blackberry month. Following last month’s Blackberry jam recipe, the first recipe of September was a way to put that jam to good use with Blackberry Jam cupcakes.

blackberry whirligig

Later on in the month, the final harvest of fresh blackberries was used in the Blackberry Whirligig recipe, a perfect alternative to using up fruit gluts when you’re sick of crumble and pie.

angel delight fudge

There was also a recipe quick and easy cheats fudge using Angel Delight- a different way of making fudge and a novel use for Angel Delight! The recipe used Butterscotch flavoured Angel Delight, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work with strawberry or chocolate.

carrot cake

Lastly, there was a recipe for carrot cake, which I can’t recommend enough! The carrot cake is so delicious and that coconut topping is amazing. This should certainly be on your ‘must bake’ list.

So onto October, or Halloween Month. I’ve already watched Casper and The Addams Family so I’m already in the Halloween spirit. Bring on the pumpkin recipes and the orange and green food dye!

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