Remember November


November is overshadowed with one story, and one story alone: America has voted for all-round bumbling buffoon Donald Trump to be their next president. There’s protests across America. ‘Not Our President’. Between that and Brexit, it’s safe to say that 2016 has been the worst year ever in terms of political scope.  Here be dragons, World. Who knows what’s coming next.

(And as if that’s not bad enough, Toblerone has changed it’s shape and people are LIVID. An OUTRAGE.)

But onto less terrifying/infuriating news. Andy Murray becomes Tennis World number one. Charity event Children in Need raises £46.5 million, whilst Buckingham Palace is set to receive £369 million of improvements. The long-awaited Grand Tour arrives on Amazon Prime in a blaze of pompous, extravagant, and probably costly, glory.

A tram derails in London and kills seven people. An earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hits New Zealand. Leonard Cohen dies, aged 82. So long, Leonard. Fidel Castro dies, aged 90. (I’ll admit: thought he was dead already.)

Extreme surveillance law passes in the UK (Big Brother is watching). Phillip Hammond delivers the autumn statement. Paul Nuttall becomes new UKIP leader. Storm Angus batters Britain (fun fact: this time last year, we had Storm Barney.) A mini tornado hits Shropshire in what locals described as: ‘quite windy’ and ‘a few leaves flew about’.

The biggest movie event of November was the release of Fantastic Beasts. I totally loved it, along with the rest of the Potter fandom (and some non-followers too, I think). It was fun to see it with an American influence, since Americans were all but banned from the original Britain-centric series. Plus, there’s something about finding out that American mind readers get confused by our British accents that makes me feel a tiny bit smug.

flapjack bars

On with the blog. November’s recipes seemed to be suitably autumnal- whether this was subconsciously intentional or not, I can’t tell.  It began with the finest recipe you’ll ever see on this blog: chocolate and caramel flapjack bars. I cannot begin to explain just how outstanding these were. Plus, they’re flapjacks, so they last for a good week or two. So you can make loads and they’ll last for ages.

chocolate chip cookies

Next, a recipe for the ultimate classic cookie: dark chocolate chip. This used the same condensed milk method I discovered earlier in the year for my lemon and white chocolate cookies because it’s just so good and so, so simple. Winner all round.

brown butter pecan cake

And last recipe (unusually there was only three recipes this month. Not sure why?) was for my brown butter pecan loaf cake. First use of brown butter after having discovered it’s deliciousness, and hopefully not the last!

After Winberry Crumble’s one year milestone last month, this is the first time I have a summary post to look back on. It turns out November-2015-me was a hugely pretentious blogger, so I’m glad I’ve got over that. Although, recipes wise, there was some really cool ones, and looking back is inspiring me to make them again. To the feature we began last month, let’s look at ‘Last Year’s Posts’.

(Really must get a theme tune for this…)

white chocolate torta caprese

mashed potato cake

salted caramel crispie square

sprinkle biscuits


From top photo down: pushing the boat out with a white chocolate torta caprese (fancy), making life weird with mashed potato cakes, best-ever recipe of last year award goes to salted caramel crispie squares, and the HEARTBREAK that was the sprinkle biscuit. (Still not over it.) There was even a couple of longer written pieces from when I was still feeling pretentious with ‘Is it Time We Reintroduced Rationing?’ and ‘Food Banks? Bah Humbug!‘.

Now November is over, it means we’re on the home stretch: Christmas is within touching distance! The Christmas socks come out tomorrow, and it’s time to crack on with the Christmas bakes, so watch this space…

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