winberry crumble

Hello, I’m Rebecca, welcome to my blog!

I’m a twenty two year old food fanatic, and I live in a tiny town in Shropshire (it’s in the West Midlands, next to Wales!).

Winberry Crumble is a place for all the recipes I’ve created and wanted to remember, so that I can recreate them again.

I’ve loved food ever since I was old enough to be allowed in the kitchen. I spent all my weekends making fairy cakes, and I studied Food Technology at school. I gained a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Consumer Management from Birmingham College of Food, and an NCTJ-Qualified Masters Degree in Journalism.

I mostly blog about baking and I definitely eat more cake than I bake. My favourite cake is easily Battenburg and I imagine that were you to chop my arm off, I’d be left with a pink and yellow checkerboard stump.

I like twix bars, my nan’s lemon cake, and jokes about cheese, and I don’t like dried fruit or people that use their phone at the dinner table. I will only consider my life’s work complete when I’ve interviewed Mary Berry- the archenemy of the Atkins diet and my number one hero.

Please feel free to get in touch. Email me at winberrycrumble@gmail.com

* * *


Winberry Crumble is the elusive dessert and a quasi-punchline from an Aunty’s anecdote.

I’ve never seen a winberry- for sale or growing- but if I do, I’ll be sure to make a Winberry Crumble.